Xandr Data products harness the value of consumer engagements.

Xandr Data products harness the value of consumer engagements to enrich audience experiences and provide insights and analytics that improve the advertising experience.

With more than 170 million direct-to-consumer relationships across media channels and drive better targeting and insights for advertisers.

Audience Targeting


Use consumer insights from various trusted and secured data sources to better connect with current, lapsed or future customers. Identify particular patterns to predict future intentions and connect those individuals with the most relevant advertising.


Mobile, TV and broadband customer relationships create a holistic view of consumers and their various touchpoints. By continually cleansing and normalizing IDs across channels we maintain a high-quality data set. This process provides deterministic household and device mapping with the ability to add probabilistic scoring to expand reach.

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Audience Insights


Use consumer insights to attribute real-life actions to advertising efforts. Insights allow for real-time campaign optimization and provide a better understanding of marketing effectiveness across all media channels.


Access second-by-second viewership data for a better understanding of how consumers are watching content. Analyze patterns to better inform future content creation, talent decisions and scheduling to drive a better consumer experience.

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Real-Time Research
and Insights

Living Labs

Test product concepts, brand messaging, and content variations to bring more impactful products, services, and programs to consumers. This consumer opt-in panel provides deep insights and predictive analytics that are available at the individual level though the Living Labs platform and its connections to consumers and their actions and feedback.

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